A Life worth Living

​How does one live life – to the fullest? 

What is a life of Purpose? 

Here is my definition of “A Life worth Living

Maximizing TIME to exploit our VALUE with PASSION and leaving a worthwhile LEGACY.


This is our most valuable resource and so we should use it to the fullest. We should not waste a single second in regret… or gossip… or thinking ill of someone… or indulging indulging addictions. That would be wasting time. We have to juice every moment in each of the 4 dimensions of our being – Body, Mind, Heart (Relationships) and Spirit (for the people and the planet). In short Love life and the people in your life. Forgive… forget… smile …laugh… hug… and bring joy in everything you do… wherever you are.


We have been endowed with many powers, talents or skills. We have to maximize these. Be the best using the VALUE you have. If you are a sports person… strive to become a legend. If you are a musician or an artist… then become a maestro. If you are a Scientist or Technologist .. Doctor.. go for the Nobel Prize. Whatever you do…ensure that you are the Role Model in that.


THIS is our inner drive. It is the force that fuels us to Be the Best. It is the fuel that becomes a raging fire that lights up the world. Those who live with passion energize their workplace and home. They love what they do and do what they love. People tend to join them and follow them easily.


Using our TIME and our VALUE well we create a LEGACY that will stand the test of time. We would have then used life to the fullest. We would have lived with passion. ..and we would have fulfilled our purpose or completed our karma. That is a legacy that would make us…and the people we love. .. proud of us.

I wish YOU the BEST as you plan and fulfil your legacy.